Friday, 22 September 2017

Cataloguing continues - Generation 4

As much as I hate to see the weather begin to turn toward colder temperatures, it does mean that I can spend more time in the Geek Cave, and more time on my cataloguing project.  The project is closer to completion than it's ever been before!
I love this set.
I've finished all the photos for the G4 collection now (ignores giant pile of unopened G4 ponies for the moment).  Having done this, I'm going to start reorganizing the accessories by type.  For the other generations, I've always stored my accessories by set.  In the case of the G4s, however, the ponies are displayed completely within their playsets, rather than in rows on shelves.  This being the case, I prefer to use several accessories to enhance the "scenes" displayed, and not always within the sets they came with.
Shouldn't Rarity's Boutique have more clothing?
Those accessories that aren't used on the shelves will be stored by type (food, clothing, combs, etc.)  Without ten+ years of familiarity with the sets, I find it easier to locate the various bits and pieces that I'm looking for this way, and easier to put them away again later.  After all, if I ever need to put the sets back together, I have my photo catalogue to refer to.
I couldn't wait to open all the new sets!
I've mentioned the giant pile of unopened G4s a few times in the last months.  Of course, I've still been buying ponies as new ones come out (and as stores have sales!), but I've been leaving them in their packages until I have all the existing accessories and ponies sorted.  Roomy is looking forward to the great G4 opening party that will happen shortly, maybe more than I have been!
These don't seem to match any of my sets. Could they be extra bits left over from ponies bought for custom projects?  I don't remember!
The G4s have been the most frustrating to catalogue.  They should have been the easiest, since they were all bought new in package.  And yet, as I reviewed the photos I did have and the accessories that were piling up, I found that I was missing photos of several sets.  I'm glad the project is nearing completion, and I can just go back to enjoying the ponies again.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Back to School in Dream Valley

It's the first day of school in Dream Valley!
Painting Time is dropping off Baby Pictures for the first day of school.  The rest of the class is already there, playing outside the schoolhouse.
Starlight comes out to ring the bell.  It's time for school to begin!
Everyone take your seats! Baby Schoolbag has an apple for the teacher.
The first lesson of the new school year! Let's get to know each other.
The next lesson of the day is on the History of Ponyland, given by guest teacher Wind Whistler.  She knows all about history.  And geography.  And...well everything, really.
After that it's lunch time. The students go out into the yard to eat and get in some playtime before the afternoon classes.  Starlight keeps an eye on everyone.
Baby Alphabet is more interested in reading her book than lunch.  I hope she remembers to eat before lunch time is over.
After lunch the students have free time to do what they like, and it comes as no surprise what each one chooses.  Baby Pictures is painting, Baby Count-A-Lot is doing sums, Baby Alphabet is determined to finish that book.  Baby Schoolbag can't decide what to do, so Starlight asks her to help out tidying up the classroom. Baby Schoolbag likes that, she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, too.
The last class of the day is a music class with Music Time.  It looks like most of the students are enjoying the class, but one of them seems to be distracted.
Finally school is out for the day.
Baby Pictures shows her mom what she's done at school that day. Painting Time is happy that she had a good first day of school.
Baby Alphabet is borrowing a couple of books for the evening.  Starlight is happy she's enjoying her books, but hopes she'll remember to have dinner tonight, as well.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Castles, Castles, and More Castles

Hasbro, we need to talk.

It's about the castles.  I don't know if you're keeping track, but there are a lot of castles in the world of MLP, and the number seems to be increasing exponentially.
Now, I like a good castle as much as the next unicorn, but this is becoming problematic because I, personally, do not live in a castle.  I'm running out of space.  Where am I supposed to keep all these (increasingly giant) castles?
The Dream Castle was the first MLP castle, and still the best in my mind.  It made a huge impression on my childhood self, so much so that I still have anger issues from the (original) MLP Movie when the ponies gave up Dream Castle to live in Paradise Estate (which they then spent a lot of time complaining about and repairing - that'll teach you ponies to move out of the perfect home!)
The G2s may not have had much in the way of backstory, but they knew a good living arrangement when they saw one.  Their castle (which I pined for for years) has a fireplace, a grand staircase, and a candelabra, although it was missing a resident dragon.
The G3s also knew a good castle when they saw one (with the possible exception of the beach-loving pegasi).  Castles were getting larger by this time, with elevator technology, three storeys, hot air balloons, and plenty of space for tea parties!  They were larger, but at least they still collapsed down for storage.
The G4s though.  The G4s have taken castles to a new level (a three-foot level)!  There's a castle for every princess, queen, or visiting dignitary in Ponyville!  The ponies themselves may have gotten smaller, but the castles have more rooms, more stairs, more elevators, more tea sets, more libraries, more balconies, more width, more length, more height, and less ability to collapse.  They're beautiful, and creative, and freakin' enormous.
And this is the problem.  I love the castles, but I'm out of real estate.  I do not have space for another giant castle, or a medium-sized castle (maybe a small castle).  So what I need is either a moratorium on castle construction, or to join Castles Anonymous.

So what do you say?  How about next year we take a castle break?


Saturday, 22 July 2017

New Additions

Summer always means a slow down on Geek Cave development, since it gets hot in there.  I have SOOOOOOO many G4 accessories to go through and organize, but I am nearly done with photographing the G4s (at least the ones that are out of their packages).
I have also added some new G1s over the last few months, so of course they get cleaned and photographed and added to the collection.  I'm most excited by my Macau Jenny - the first addition to the Snuzzle/Peachy army in a different colour scheme - and my Argentina pink Pretty Parlour.

Much of the work that needs to be done right now involves organizing and figuring out where things will go in the new(er) Cave.  It's not the most exciting stuff to be doing with a collection, but it will lead to having more room to play in there later on.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Neopolitan Lickety-Split Rehair

I haven't been doing much customizing work lately, since we're getting some work done in the house and my art space has been packed up.  However, I did do an alternate rehair recently.
Neopolitan Lickety-Split has been rehaired in DH Virgin Snow, Chocolate Pudding, and Pussycat (I think).  Her body was in quite good shape, but her hair was faded, dry, and cut.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Pony Census - What colour?

This is my favourite graph to come out of the pony census.

It will come as a surprise to no one that white, pink, and purple are the most populous ponies in my collection, as these have long been the favourite colours of Hasbro.  Blue and yellow are the next most popular colours for ponies.  Orange, green, and "other" colours, including peach, grey, and black, are the least popular.  The "other" category is well represented here due to the Peachy/Snuzzle army.
And that's the end of my 2017 Pony Census.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Pony Census - Pony Types

Ponies have been counted, but I decided to have a little more fun with my pony census.

It is probably not surprising that Earth Ponies are the most populous in my collection.  They accounted for the majority of types of ponies made in at least the first 3 generations (especially in the G3 era).

The next most populous category are the unicorns, followed closely by the pegasi.  Unicorns have always been my favourite mythical creature, and if Hasbro had made more of them, I would have more in my collection.

A collection of "other" types of ponies comes in next.  This group is made up of sea, flutter, and winger ponies, as well as breezies.

Finally, the alicorn category is the smallest group in the collection, buoyed up mostly by the Twilight Sparkle army.
One more census entry to come.